2018 Bands

Walter Trout

Blues and Rock

After years as an A-list side man with John Lee Hooker, John Mayall and Canned Heat, Walter has enjoyed playing his emotional brand of fired-up, hardcore guitar heavy music, writing and recording his own songs for over 20 years as a solo artist.
Following a life-threatening illness, Trout’s rebirth began with a successful liver transplant in May 2014 and gathered pace with 2015’s “Battle Scars”, the acclaimed studio album that channeled his near-death experience into raw autobiographical songs. And in 2016, “ALIVE in Amsterdam” is the sound of a man announcing his resurrection. Walter shows you magic in the studio – but on stage is where he truly comes alive!
Website: www.waltertrout.com

Dennis Jones Band

Blues and Rock

Sizzling hot guitar solos. Smooth and soulful vocals. High-energy stage performance. Backed by a rhythm section that is second to none, this IS Dennis Jones. Once you see a live show you’ll instantly agree, this band ROCKS the blues like NO other!
Dennis’s feet are firmly rooted in the past, yet his heart and soul are connected to the present. He writes songs that seamlessly blend the best of both worlds, presenting a unique and contemporary style of American rock and blues. And unlike others, he isn’t afraid to tackle the controversial issues of today. Dennis Jones writes songs for other notable artists as well.
Website: www.dennisjonescentral.com

Island of Black and White

Funk, Reggae, Rock, Folk and Blues

“A Caribbean-drenched fusion of funk, reggae, rock, folk and blues, IBW emerged from the foothills of El Dorado County in 2004…. As solid contributors to the local music scene in and around Sacramento for nearly a decade, Island of Black and White has established itself as a soulful, musical powerhouse. Having played for the heaving crowd of thousands… their music has gained a substantial and loyal following.” -Lovelle Harris, Submerge Mag
Founded in the foothills of El Dorado… Their music is a sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The band exerts high energy performances while frequenting local and out of town venues, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, music festivals and various events. The unique sound of Island of Black and White today captures the attention of those young and old. It is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd.
Website: www.islandofblackandwhite.com

The Nickel Slots

Sentimental Folk with Rocking Americana

The Nickel Slots take you on a journey through hard times and desperation that always carries hope that better things are just around the corner. With influence from early roots Americana music as well as a touch of rebellious ’70s punk, The Nickel Slots draw the line that connects Johnny Cash to The Clash. From the sentimental folk tune to the foot-stomping, raucous sing-along, their rocking Americana brings you back to a long-lost memory or shared experience of pain, joy, heartache, love, hope, and redemption.
They began performing together in November 2008 in Sacramento, California, and the following spring a song from their debut album spent a month in rotation on KWOD 106.5 FM’s Sounds of Sacramento series. The Nickel Slots have won three Sammie Awards for Outstanding Americana/Alt-Country, one for Best Live Performer, and are now in the Sammies Hall of Fame. Their second album Five Miles Gone prompted SubMerge Magazine to say that it “…will make a serious bid to be the soundtrack of your summer.” The band has toured three times in Europe, winning over audiences in venues both large and small, and in March 2015 shared the stage with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band at their concert at Sleep Train Arena. Their debut music video for “The Devil’s Chain Gang” won Best US Music Video at the 2015 American Online Film Awards and two awards at the 2013 Sacramento Film and Music Festival, and all four of The Nickel Slots’ music videos have garnered airplay on multiple TV networks and websites. Americana radio stations both in the USA and Europe are also starting to discover The Nickel Slots’ three albums and Christmas EP.
Website: www.thenickelslotsmusic.com

Randy McAllister

East Texas Roots Music

Grammy nominated, singer, songwriter, harmonica player, drummer and legend of East Texas Roots music. Roustabout, maverick, spiritual, gritty, amazing, wild, bad-ass, soulful…these are some of the words used to describe this Texas bonafide blueblood. One of America’s true roots originals, he’s been flying in the face of convention his whole career. No smoke, no mirrors, no choreography, no industry machines.
Raised in the small Texas town of Novice, McAllister is a fifth-generation Texan whose father was a fireman and a drummer in a band called The Flames. Randy followed in his footsteps from a very young age, but the drums were just the beginning. McAllister found the harmonica in his early 20’s while stationed in Massachusetts as a member of the US Air Force, taking cues from Boston blues legend and harmonica master ” Earring George’ Mayweather. By the time he returned to Texas in 1992, he was a strong, skillful harp player who was establishing himself as a world-class singer and songwriter. In 1997, McAllister signed with JSP records, releasing three highly acclaimed CD’s before going on to issue recordings with Severn Records and Reaction Records. He is one of the most uniquely talented and original contemporary roots artists. The genuine article, who has been burning up the road for a mighty long time, delivering his brand of East Texas Roadhouse Soul from one end of the country to the other.
Website: www.randymcallister.com

Earth To Mars

The Bruno Mars Experience

What do you get when you’ve been searching for a captivating Tribute show that combines the gripping dynamic of some of Southern California’s most professional and engaging group of performers who, time and time again, have proven to get every audience member up on their feet?!
You get: EARTH TO MARS – The Bruno Mars Experience!
With a musical line up of only the greatest hits ever performed by Bruno Mars, you’ll see why everyone is “Over the Moon” about having EARTH TO MARS at their next event.
Website: www.tributetobrunomars.com

When Doves Cry

Prince Tribute Band

More than just an impersonation, When Doves Cry, the Prince Tribute Show, is a dynamic and multi-talented 8-piece band that puts the integrity of the music Prince left us above all else.
Formed in late 2015 in Sacramento, California, the band taps into the heart of Prince’s music like no other. We leave it all on stage, every time we perform.
When Doves Cry – the Prince Tribute Show holds the distinction of being the Only Prince Tribute band in the World to have performed the entire “1999” & “Purple Rain” albums in the same night. WDC also performs all of his greatest hits, as well as many songs other tributes won’t touch.
With a songlist of over 80 Prince songs (and growing), we can guarantee there’s something in our show for both the casual and the die hard Prince fans.
We’re proud to bring a live Prince Tribute show that will take you through the illustrious career of one of the most prolific songwriters and performers that we will ever know.
If you love Prince’s music, this is a must see show.
Website: www.whendovescrytribute.com

Tom Rigney and Flambeau

Roots Music

Tom Rigney is one of the premier Roots Music fiddle players on the planet. His band–Tom Rigney and Flambeau-specializes in blazing Cajun two-steps, low-down Blues, funky New Orleans grooves, Boogie Woogie piano, and heartbreakingly beautiful ballads and waltzes. Much of the repertoire is composed by Rigney, but they mix in a few classics from the CajunlNew Orleans songbook. Along the way you may pick up a trace of Rigney’s Irish roots, or echoes of Eastern Europe–it just makes the musical gumbo that much tastier.

Flambeau showcases Rigney’s fiery, virtuoso fiddling, his charismatic stage presence, and his range and originality as a composer. He and Flambeau have forged a unique sound that blends American Roots styles into something original and HOT–mixing irresistible grooves with deep musicality and spectacular soloing. Rigney’s high-energy showmanship pulls the audience into his performances and makes them feel they are a part of the music and the show.

“The surprise of the festival came from Tom Rigney and Flambeau. THEY SET FIRE TO THE TENT! Clint Eastwood’s twin paid us a visit, and he plays the violin. God, he has an incredible amount of energy! Tom and his band’s performance was THE revelation of the festival. Even the headliner’s performance could not eclipse the incredible punch of Tom Rigney and Flambeau.”
Jean-Pierre Lhoir, MUSIC IN BELGIUM

“Never less than spellbinding. The eclectic and sizzling music runs the gamut from gritty zydeco and funky blues to New Orleans jazz. The style of playing is consistent, yet varied and extremely melodic; it’s also passionate and, above all, infectious. It’s hard to know whether to be more impressed by Rigney’s playing, his compositions, or the back-up support he gets.”
Paul E. Comeau, DIRTY LINEN

“Tom Rigney plays the violin and MAN can he play! He is one of the cleanest, smoothest fiddle players I’ve ever heard. The band is made up of talented artists who are themselves impressive. These guys are good, fiery, talented, and hot. The originals here have the feel of classics.”

“Tom Rigney is a world class fiddler–he wields a fiery bow with power, precision and exquisite taste.” Jim Beal, Jr.,

Website: www.tomrigney.com

Bad Mother Nature

Classic Rock

Bad Mother Nature was formed in 2015 in Sacramento, California by guitarists Axel Ahrens and Corey Allred, and drummer Seth Johnson. Their shared love for the classic rock titans of the 60’s and 70’s heavily inspired their work. In 2016, Corey’s brother Ryan Allred joined as a pianist after graduating college, bringing with him a nuanced, piano-driven style that allowed the band to range from soft to heavy – often within the same song.

When Seth departed in 2017, Colin Curtin briefly filled drumming duties and recorded drums on their debut EP “Strange Weather,” which was released on June 15th, 2018. After Colin moved to Boston to attend Berkelee College of Music, Jon McCann was hired on drums to complete the lineup. The band has performed live around the Sacramento area for over 2 years. They are currently recording material for a full-length album set to be released early 2019.

Website: www.badmothernature.com



Newcastle, CA has been home to the slow cooking prodigal musical stew known as RepresA for 7 years strong. Joining No Pants (Records) on Sept 3, 2018, RepresA was initially formed in 2011 in Newcastle, CA, near Sacramento, CA. After years of playing the show circuit, cutting their teeth on the central Cali local scene, & suffering the grating test of lineup changes- RepresA called in a hiatus, reset, and got back on the horse to do it right. Reforming in 2017, RepresA forged their ambition in the fire of their musical & political convictions to bring something new to the table. RepresA fought to maintain their solid following of old fans and new, tooth & nail, while pushing their sociopolitical sphere, mad skills, & musical boundaries.

With Tony Mena on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Chris Madga on Bass, and Noah Bingaman on Drums/Vocals, RepresA is better than ever! Experience there unique expression through sociopolitical lyrics & a fusion of multiple genres! Technically astounding, poignant, yet macabre- RepresA is rapidly approaching light speed as they spread their quasi layered symphonic experience of raw performative fuel across the globe.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/represaband

Stay tuned as more entertainment is announced!

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